DCIPLN stents from the word discipline. This brand was created because, that's the key to accomplishing goals. Many of us like the finer things in life, but in order to gain true access to the things we want, we have to be disciplined. If we do not train our minds, we won't be equipped for the real world ahead of us. There are numerous get rich quick scams & schemes, but there are no shortcuts in life. For those of us who have tried the easy way in life has had to do it over and over again. Hell, sometimes when you do things the right way, you have to repeat steps. If you are focused and DCIPLN, the first time around, your results will most likely be better or closer to your target mark. I know, I can speak from personal experience, that if I would have been discipline starting out on my business endeavors, I probably would have not been led to write this blog or create the brand. I was 35 when I realized that everything I have been wanting and desiring depended on my DCIPLN. I have been pre diagnosed with "Type 2" diabetes, that was something that was serious in my family's history. I knew it was nothing to play around with, so I know I had to start being DCIPLN. That morning before going to the doctor, I was in deep thought about my life and the situations I would end up in. Only if  I had been DCIPLN throughout my journey I may have the things I have asked for and desired. It's all so simple, it may be hard work to train our minds and bodies to be DCIPLN, but once we reach that pinnacle, the world is ours. Nothing won't be out of our reach because our minds will be trained to do what needs to be done in order to carry out the mission. BE DCIPLN!